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Being a personal trainer

Being a personal trainer

  • 02 - Dec - 2015
Being a personal trainer

Walking through the gym today I was stopped once again by another member asking ‘what’s the best thing to lose my stomach’? Now I’m with my client at this point so how do I answer it quickly without looking rude? I’m not looking for new business at the moment so I’m not trying to arrange a separate meeting with him . So .. Do I discuss his macronutrients his supplements his exercise his sleep pattern or what? The point I’m trying to get at is when you’re a busy personal trainer and you have members coming up to you at awkward times .. give the member enough relevant information to make them feel like you haven’t fobbed them off! Because the way you need to look at it is that person will then go and say good things about you which will enhance your reputation in the gym which means more business which means more money ££! I know this information seems basic but I know from past experience that as a busy PT you do sometimes get hassled by members so just be careful with what you say.

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