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Physical vs mental failure

Physical vs mental failure

  • 20 - Nov - 2015
Physical vs mental failure

Many avid gym goers and more specifically many of my clients don’t realise there physical capabilities because they have this mental blockade. They can’t force out that extra rep or run that extra mile because they are having this argument with themselves in there head that it physically can’t be done .. But it can be done and it is mental failure that is stopping physical success. When coaching clients on technique, form and various other factors that need to be addressed in training … Personal trainers should try and train the mind of the client and make him/her head strong in order to deal with the demands of physical training. Once you can get in through up top you will hopefully begin to see your clients succeed physically as well as mentally.

Do you lift to complete failure in the weights room? Are you forcing those final 2 reps or the final mile?

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