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Women and weight lifting

Women and weight lifting

  • 03 - Mar - 2016
Women and weight lifting

The most common question I get asked weekly by women is ‘will I get bigger if I start lifting weights’?? Now because I hear it so many times a day now I just respond with a laugh and I really shouldn’t! However, no women you will not start building heaps of muscle like Schwarzenegger because you don’t possess his crown jewels. Therefore you won’t be producing enough testosterone to start building huge muscles. This should not stop you from lifting weights though .. to change your overall body composition (the shape of your body) you need to lift weights. In particular you should aim to hit your big heavy compound movements (bench press, squats, deadlifts) regularly in order to release high levels of growth hormone which is key for fat loss and muscle growth. You can do all the cardio in the world and all the weighted isolation exercises in the world (typically front raises, pec dec to name a few) but that isn’t going to DRASTICALLY change your body composition. Make sure you have a structure to your exercise week and don’t be afraid to lift weights!!

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