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Customised Plan

Combines life style, nutrition and exercise in to one plan

Customised Plan

We see maintaining a healthy lifestyle as having a good balance between your nutrition and exercise. We offer customised plans, which suit you, your needs and your life style. Our team have relevant nutritional and exercise qualifications that have been utilised to achieve optimum results for clients over the years. We have all the knowledge and resources at our disposal to suit your body and lifestyle.

When designing your customised plan we will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you succeed your goals quickly and safely. Prior to the design of the plan we will carry out a health and lifestyle questionnaire so everything can be planned with the up most care. We understand that everyone has different work patterns, different nutritional/medical needs and different barriers that effect their lifestyle. Our job is to find a solution and make a user friendly plan that will be easy to understand once explained in detail.

Ultimately, everything about your plan is down to the information you provide us – we can only assist you on planning the easiest and fastest way to achieve your goals. However, our ultimate aim is to provide your body with what it needs to achieve your goals. We strive to provide you with a realistic plan that can ultimately combat fad-dieting and yo-yo weight loss.

We always ensure that:

• Our customised plans – can be created for any duration or time period you like.
• We set milestones and final goals with you, to see how far you have come.
• We offer feedback and advise on how you performed on your plan.
– results will come if the plan is carried out efficiently.

For more information on our customised plans, contact us or call us today on (07807) 881796.

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