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New PT’s sitting down twiddling thumbs

New PT’s sitting down twiddling thumbs

  • 20 - Nov - 2015
New PT’s sitting down twiddling thumbs

For the past 3 years that I’ve worked in this gym I’ve seen probably 20+ trainers come and go .. Some very good some very bad. The common problem that I have seen is personal trainers sitting down in the seating area not even remotely interested in creating business. Now to me that’s just incredibly stupid … A few problems:

1 the trainer is leaving a very bad impression
2 the trainer doesn’t really look like he/she works there
3 the trainer isn’t training anyone therefore looks like they aren’t a very busy/successful

I’m starting to notice and here more and more that gyms are having a very high turnover of personal trainers. Now the problem could lie in with the lack of support given to the personal trainers (we can discuss this in another blog) or it could lie with the lack of ambition from the trainer. The second come answer is probably more applicable .. What personal trainers don’t seem to realise is that business isn’t just going to appear. You’re self employed .. You’re all alone in this game. Talk to other trainers .. Seek advise .. Research things and go out and get yourself clients. You have to go out and create business .. Sitting there on your seat twiddling your thumbs with that incredible lack of ambition ain’t gonna cut it!

How many trainers do you see doing this in your gym?

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