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Testimonials from our previous and current clients

  • Gurjinder

    I made a big decision to change my lifestyle. To do so, I had to get myself into shape as well as getting that healthly fitness feeling. So what better solution than hiring a Personal Trainer, right?

    From an inexperienced gym member, I first entered the gym, not knowing where to start when working out? How to prepare before and after my workouts .. and most importantly how to progress to enhance my performance?

    So I came across dozens of local Personal Trainers and the one that stood out the most was Alex Roberts, who has phenomenal education and experience in body fat reduction, weight loss and muscle tone development. Not only that but he has been a great Personal Trainer and a great friend who takes care of me even after my sessions and provides positive feedbacks/vibes.

    Ever since Alex helped me, I lost weight, I gained a bigger chest, bigger muscles, gained a better education nutritionally and astoundingly reduced my shirt size from large to medium within WEEKS of hard training!

    None of these things would ever be possible without Alex, as each of my sessions guided by him was worth every single penny. I truly felt that my investment and time mentored by Alex has improved my life and physical shape alot better than before through weight loss and improvements to my diet and life style.

    I think there is no need for me to mention that I would recommend a Personal Trainer with Alex Roberts to anyone.


  • Shaeda

    I am a mum of four and at the age of 34 I am in need of a hip replacement. After having my fourth child, when he was just 10 weeks I made the decision of getting back to the gym. I had stopped training for just over a year ago due to the deteriorating condition of my hip. So coming back to the gym was quite daunting. A friend of mine who had trained with Alex recommended him to me as her results were absolutely incredible. I am into my 10th week of training with Alex and I am seeing significant results already. Alex has incorporated one to one sessions and nutritional plans on the package which has been set up for me. My sessions are tailored for me and my health needs and accompanied by a very structured nutrition and supplement plan. Following a diet which promotes these kind of health benefits can be hard, however I have managed to follow it, thanks to Alex’s expertise in the field and his ongoing support. I always questioned whether all this would be enjoyable and progressive for me due to my hip problem. But Alex makes sure each session is enjoyable and challenging; and of course specified. Alex has given me the confidence to continue training and achieve my goal. I look forward to seeing a new me soon!!!!


  • Ben

    I have been training with Alex since October/November 2015 and I couldn’t be happier with my results so far!! My fitness is improving week upon week and its the best it’s been in a long time. My strength is also increasing each week.

    None of this would have been possible if I’d have just tackled the issue on my own. Alex has been and still is so supportive throughout. Not only that but I have made friends with Alex’s clients which makes things easier, knowing you’re not alone throughout your journey. Alex will play to your strengths as well as improve your weaknesses which has been vital to our success so far.

    I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking to start training with a PT regardless of your knowledge or level of fitness.


  • I’m 43, married, father of 3. I have a good job.

    All seems ok right?? Well no .. not everything. My weight was ballooning…. aches and pains were overtaking my body, and I suffered from acid reflux and constipation pretty badly. After many years of inactivity I plucked up enough willpower to do something about it. ‘Let’s join a gym” I said.

    I chose a local one on my way to work for convenience…and there I met Alex. The rest is history. My weight was down, muscles popping up from all over the place and my health drastically better. No more reflux…. No more constipation. All the aches and pains I have now are the good ones after a session, I was only going to do a month with Alex then go alone. But I didn’t. I stuck with him. I didn’t want to go there thinking what next… with poor posture and technique and a lack of focus. Alex does all the thinking for you. You just push yourself like never before.

    After about 7 months, I am leaner and more toned than I have EVER been. I am stronger and I’ve got a new wardrobe. “It costs money??” But it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. We spend thousands on materials that can be replaced, but we only have one body.

    Thanks to Alex and his focused and fun approach to training….my body is having a ball.


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