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Life Style

Healthy lifestyle should be adopted to compliment your training program

Life Style

A Healthy lifestyle should be adopted to compliment, your exercise program for you to reap the full benefits of training.

As well as being active by using an exercise plan or doing a personal training session from Alex Roberts you must make life style changes.

Here are some life style changes you may consider:

1. Eating Healthier

To lose weight we know that physical activity and eating a balanced diet will help us to achieve weight loss.

Here are some ways you can maintain a healthy diet:

a) Reduce Soda, or fizzy drinks laden with sugar. Drinks such as Coke a Cola have up to 10 spoon of sugar content in a can.

b) Eat more Fruits and Vegetables, it is recommended we eat five portions of either fruit or vegetables a day. We recommend substituting sugary and starchy snacks with fruit and vegetables.

c) Smaller Portion Sizes, eat smaller portion sizes of food, as it makes it easier for your body to break down whilst digesting e.g. pasta should be the size of an ice cream scoop or fruit and veg should be the size of your fist.

2. Plan and Track your Food

We recommend keeping a food diary so you can track what you are eating and how much, this will allow you to control what you eat.
By tracking the foods you are eating, you can monitor which are not good for you, it will allow you to plan your food better. Creating meal plans will allow you to eat healthy.

3. More Sleep

We suggest having a minimum of eight hours sleep per day for your body to recover and repair itself from exercise. It is very important that you have adequate rest between workouts as most of the body’s rebuilding is done when you are asleep.

For more information on suggested Life Style changes you need to make during training please feel free to Contact Us or call us directly on (07807) 881 796.

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